Surrounding Casa Callas

formerly a small fishing-harbour, nowadays also a touristic and mundane holiday-village with well-groomed streets and squares.
Ideal for holiday-makers and hibernators who can enjoy the excellent climate. Moraira offers lots of activities, terraces, little bars, 2 discotheques and meanwhile more than 70 restaurants.

Old Spain
Even now you can find the remains of old Spain; you can visit the old watch-tower Torre de Vigia or the historic castle El Castillo, which offered protection from pirates. Nowadays it’s being used as a suitable scenery at local festivals.
Next to it there is a modern yacht-haven, protected by the rocks of Cap Blanc and Punta de Moraira, and still a haven of fishing-boats.

The coast exists of as well as small rocks as lovely sandy beaches. The beaches are rewarded with the blue flag for clean and clear water. The largest beach “Lampolla”, near the centre, is situated at the foot of the old Castillo. There is a coastguard, restaurant and a parking. Another recommendation is the sandy beach of El Portret with a little modern boulevard, few restaurants and terraces. It is the most sheltered beach in the surroundings and that is why you can enjoy the sun all year long (even in wintertime). Other beaches are Plajetas and the little rockbeach Andrago.

For an active vacation you are also at the right place. You can rent a boat or jetski, sail, dive or fish. For who loves to play golf there are excellent golf courses, under which in Moraira. On Friday there is a rather large market. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs and fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.
The outskirts offer a variety of agricultural land, extensive orchards and pine-forests. The impressive mountains create an idyllic scenery.

In the Spring it is a must to see the several blossoms of all the blooming almond-trees.
Behind the coastal region the mountains stop the wind from the Spanish inlands. That is why the Costa Blanca has a pleasant climate all year long.
In winter it is seldom colder then 15 degrees Celsius and at Christmas 20 degrees Celsius is not unusual.
In Summer the mountains offer protection from the hot air. In this period the temperature is almost never as high as 30 degrees Celsius. There is little rain, per year the Costa Blanca has an average of 320 days of sun.

The climate is also very healthy. That is why the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) recommends people with astma and skin-problems to go to Costa Blanca. Also big pine-forests and salty lakes contribute this healthy environment.